About us

Find out about the people that give your electronic gadgets a lifeline, and help them live longer.

We Give Your Gadgets a Lifeline

Dedicated to helping you recycle electronics the ethical way

Who’s responsible for electronics dumping?

Every year, the electronics industry churns out hundreds of thousands of new devices and gadgets with lesser and lesser product lifespans. As a result, tons of electronics get dumped in landfills every second with no clear solution to this environmental problem.

A movement has started to recycle electronics ethically and extend the lifecycle of these products across the world. However, it requires many, many helping “hands” to curb the problems that we are facing today, but it is not impossible.

GadgetLifeline is born to give your technology a better life

We believe that if we are unanimous in our belief and determination to lessen pollution from the environment, we can save our planet Earth. By giving your gadgets a longer life to live, you can cut down on the consumption of electronics and inevitably cut down the dumping in landfills.

Best Practices

Reduce We help you reduce unnecessary purchases of electronics that have short lifespans such as phones, smartwatches, LCDs, etc.

Reuse We help in buying/selling used and refurbished electronics that are still functional and useable to lead our technological life.

Recycle For gadgets that have reached the end of their lifecycle, we send them to a network of professional recyclers.

We Make it Easier for You

Dedicated customer service to help guide you

Free shipping and pickup for recycling devices

Offer the best price to encourage ethical recycling

Professional evaluation standard for all gadgets

You can start your recycling journey now!