Law Enforcement Compliance

As a law-abiding and responsible company, ensures legal compliance through the following:

a.Seller identity: Before a transaction occurs, may require that you provide personally identifiable information to confirm the identity of the seller and whether he/she is the rightful owner of the device they are selling.

b.Stolen devices: The increase in the number of lost or stolen devices around the world and in the US, means they are easily “procured” and sold for money. To prevent the sale of stolen or lost devices, we use technologies to identify these devices before confirming the sale of such devices on GadgetLifeline. may confirm the identity of your device if deemed necessary.

c.Registration: To prevent the theft of your identity and used on electronic devices, we encourage you to use a secure password and identification methods to protect your devices by registering your device on electronic platforms like or individual electronic hardware companies like Dell, HP, Apple as well as phone network companies as soon as you purchase it.

d.Inspection procedure: As part of our process to inspect and identify stolen devices, we may run all devices on specialized security software as soon as we receive them. By using the electronics serial number (ESN) we search insurance, law enforcement agency, and network carriers, to identify whether a mobile device, tablet, laptop or computer has been reported stolen or not. We may only in cases where deemed necessary process a sale if this report is negative.

e.Reporting: If a device has been identified as stolen then we contact the relevant authority with the report and follow their legal investigation and compliance. If you feel your device has been stolen or lost, we recommend that you report to the relevant authority immediately, and file a report at the local police station with the device ESN.

f.Before report: Before you report to the legal department, we recommend that you remotely try to locate your device and wipe out data that might compromise your personal, financial, and location information.

At GadgetLifeline we try our best to deter the sale of stolen or lost devices but we also encourage you to report the same to help protect everyone from such thieves.