Mission Statement

Sustaining Mother Earth One Gadget at a Time

While technological advancements have many benefits, they have their downside as well - the problem of electronic waste. The rise and use of short-life and disposable gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, etc. lead to the rapid increase in e-waste and landfills in the environment.

How much can mother nature accommodate our landfills and polluted environment? We have to become more conscious of what we buy, use, and dispose of. We need to evaluate the type of carbon footprints we are leaving for the next generations to come.

We need to act, fast!

  • Our Vision Sustaining the Earth and keeping mother nature happy by reducing, recycling, and reusing one gadget at a time.

  • Our Mission To ensure that we leave a greener environment behind for our future generations. To achieve that, we need to adopt a greener practice of gadget usage.

Our mission is to help sustain a cleaner environment by reducing e-waste one gadget at a time.

We believe in giving your gadgets a second life by recycling and reusing them.

Our aim is to encourage gadget users to extend the life of their devices in every possible way.

To commit to the above, we encourage you to join hands with GadgetLifeLine in our mission to reduce e-waste, recycle electronic devices, and reuse them to lessen landfills from piling up.

Let’s keep Mother Earth happy and leave a cleaner legacy for our future generations!

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