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All your Frequently Asked Questions about how to sell your gadget, are answered here.

Where can I sell my old iPad for cash?

Selling your iPad shouldn’t be difficult considering nowadays we have a lot of options out there. The best places to sell your old iPad are however these:

  • a. GadgetLifeline marketplace where you can sell your old iPad for cash. Regardless of the condition, you are guaranteed the best price for your device and get paid as soon as you accept the offer.
    The site is easy to navigate, get instant estimates, and has a dedicated support team for customers.
  • b. Etsy, Facebook, Amazon, etc. are alternative marketplaces but these are a bit confusing to navigate, not to mention the long wait for finding the right price for your project.
  • c. Lastly, you can also use Craiglist and WhatsApp groups to announce your iPad for sale.

How to clear my iPad to sell it?

Once you’ve decided to sell your iPad or recycle it, then the first thing that you need to do is prepare your device before its sale.
Step 1. The first step is to save all your data and personal information in a safe place like in the cloud, or laptop.
Step 2. One of the easiest ways to clear your old iPad before selling it is through a hard factory reset.
However, if your iPad is “dead” and cannot be reset then, an alternate way is to note your iPad serial number from its original box packaging. Log in with your Apple ID on their website to erase your iPad online.
Step 3. If your iPad is connected with any phone network, then remove the SIM card and call your phone company to inform them to deactivate it from their database.
Your iPad is set for sale and recycling now.

When is the best time to sell my iPad?

Most people will continue to use their iPads for years without any thought of selling them. Others are more prone to get the latest model each year.
You might puzzle over when is the best time to sell your old iPad. Here are some pointers to consider.

  • a. Selling your iPad after a couple of years is logical and beneficial practice because, with each year, your iPad devalues in price as soon as a new model is released.
  • b. If you own a very old iPad model then it’s a good idea to sell it to an ethical and professional recycling company like GadgetLifeline which will ensure your device doesn’t end up in landfills if we can help it.
  • c. Once you are over your tablet craze, it’s wise to sell your iPad to get cash and use the money to buy a gadget that’s useful in your everyday life.

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