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All your Frequently Asked Questions about how to sell your gadget, are answered here.

What types of laptops can I sell?

You can sell used and new laptops on GadgetLifeline for cash. Whether you have a Dell laptop, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, or Alienware laptop, you can sell them to us. We accept almost all major brands so you are guaranteed to get the best price offer and valuation of your device from us.

How do you evaluate my laptop to estimate a price for it?

All laptops have some universal specifications that are gauged against, like RAMs, disk, graphics card, screen, processor, generation, and so on. Your laptop likewise will be evaluated on these specs on our website, for which you get an estimate.
In addition, when we receive your laptop, we also evaluate its physical condition – new, used, damaged, dents, cracks, missing parts, etc.
Once these aspects are checked, then you will get an accurate price offer for your device. You can choose to accept or reject our offer. Of course, we always offer the highest price for gadgets among competitors because we want you to join us on a mission to recycle electronics ethically.

How will I get paid for selling my used laptop?

You will get paid as soon as we receive your laptop and get the final valuation. After confirmation, you will receive payment for your laptop transferred sometimes within 72 hours or at the most 5 business days. We pay via trusted payment channels like PayPal, Venmo, or Check so you are guaranteed of receiving your money!
If you are in a hurry to sell your laptop, you can request expedited shipping for 24 hours of shipment and processing at a small cost.

Why use us?

We are a favorite brand among our customers for the ethical recycling of laptops and electronics.

Highest Offer

We give the highest cash offer among competitors.

Fast Payment

Get paid as soon as we receive your gadget.

Ethical Recycling

We take care of your gadgets while recycling.

Bulk Sale

We offer above market price for bulk sale orders.

Free Shipping

We offer prepaid shipping label for all orders.


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