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All your Frequently Asked Questions about how to sell your gadget, are answered here.

Where can I sell my Macbook Pro for cash?

After a period of time, all MacBook Pros reach their useful life, and that’s the time when you should consider selling them or recycling. There are many options available offline and online where you can sell your MacBook Pro for cash.
First off, you can always trade it in at your Apple center for a newer model. You have to pay the balance though.
However, if you are looking to get cash to buy another model or old laptop of another brand then online marketplaces like Facebook, Etsy, Whatsapp groups, etc. are some options that you can explore.
The best option though is to use GadgetLifeline platform where you get recycle by selling your MacBook, and are guaranteed to get the best cash price for your Macbook Pro.

How much can I sell my MacBook Pro for?

There is no fixed price that one can set on selling an old MacBook Pro, or Macbook Air. When selling a Macbook Pro, here are some aspects that you need to keep in mind that a purchaser will evaluate:

  • a. The release year, model, specifications, and processor generation.
  • b. New, old, or refurbished condition of the Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air.
  • c. Dents, damage, or out-of-order parts and components.
  • d. Totally scrap value.

You can always bargain with your purchaser but beware the above points can depreciate the value of your gadget. At GadgetLifeline we offer the best price for your Macbook Pro and pay you cash because we want your electronics live a little longer.

How to find my Macbook model and specifications?

Like any laptop, finding out your Macbook model and specifications is important to sell it at the best price. To find out your MacBook model, you can log in to your device and select “About this Mac” from the top Apple menu.
From the screen, note down your MacBook model, specifications and year of release. If you are selling your MacBook at GadgetLifeline then you can use this information to get an instant quote for selling your Macbook.
If you can’t login to your device (in case it is dead and can’t be turned on), turn your MacBook over and note down the serial number from the back. This number can also be found on the packaging box. Use this on Apple’s Check website by logging in via your Apple ID to find your MacBook’s model.

What to do before you sell your Macbook Air?

Before you sell your MacBook Air, or Macbook Pro, you need to prepare it to send it to its new owner. This is not a formality but a security measure that will ensure your personal and private data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
Step 1. Save all your files and folders in a safe place like cloud storage, external drive, or another laptop.
Step 2. Clear all cache, temporary files, and bookmarks from your browsers.
Step 3. Delete all apps, and programs, and log out of all applications. Before doing this, it’s important to save all your passwords and logins in a separate document that you can access easily.
Step 4. Factory reset, or use a data wiping software to delete all your data.
You are now set to recycle and sell your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro!

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