About the Company

Gadget Life Line is a recycling and asset disposal company that helps businesses to follow the adage “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. Now IT equipment, data center storage, computer peripherals, and mobile devices can be disposed of in an ethical and secure manner.

Our mission is to minimize the disposal of carbon emitting IT equipment ending up in landfills in large quantities. Instead, we offer businesses the options of IT assets disposition and buy back in a safe, standardized and professional way.

Who We Are

We are a team of environmentally conscious people who believes in leaving the earth a greener, cleaner, and sustainable place for the next generation.

Our aim is to create a network of like-minded people who have a conscience yet are constrained by the need to replace obsolete technologies or upgrade to meet their organizational needs and performance. Instead of disposing IT assets in dumpsters which end up in landfills, we help companies repair, reuse and resell computer equipment to extend their lifecycle.

Contact us for more details if you are an organization interested in making the environment better and sustainable.

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